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BPW Hoosiers: New Albany's All-Star Softball Team


Step back into 1950s New Albany, before Title IX guaranteed equal access to school activities. Girls in the Floyd County area who wanted to play group sports had few options, despite many activities for boys. That is, until Letty Walter, an employee of the Parks Department, organized the first girls’ softball team in New Albany, called the BPW Hoosiers.

The team was active from 1957 to 1969, dominating Kentuckiana softball and becoming one of the best teams in the nation. They played about 30 games per year and ultimately won ten consecutive Louisville City Tournaments, eight Louisville Metro Tournaments, five Kentuckiana Slow Pitch Softball Tournaments, and played in six World Tournaments--even finishing fourth in 1964.

This digital exhibit presents highlights of the team's story, and features the players and supporters who helped them make history. Visit Letty Walter Park in Floyds Knobs to see the BPW Field of Memories memorial sculpture.

The BPW Field of Memories is supported in part by Samtec Cares.


BPW Hoosiers Team, 1969

More Than A Softball Team- Panel.jpg

BPW Hoosiers 50 Year Reunion